Root Coverage With Alloderm

The root coverage procedure is designed to increase the band of “attached” gingival tissue surrounding the tooth and at the same time, cover the exposed root with gingival tissue. Commonly, this procedure is completed with tissue taken from the roof of the mouth. This part of the surgery can be very painful with severe limitations of the amount of tissue available for the surgery. This procedure is commonly used when there is increasing recession around isolated teeth and coverage of the exposed root is desired for esthetic or functional reasons. Alloderm (acellular dermal matrix, Life Cell inc.) is a “sterile” human skin which can be used for gingival grafting procedures. With Alloderm, there is an unlimited amount of tissue available for the grafting. Also, the use of Alloderm severely reduces the amount of discomfort or complications from this procedure

Examples of indications for this procedure include treatment of isolated recession in esthetic areas (i.e. – the upper front teeth), sensitive teeth, or as an aid for esthetic restoration of the dentition.

Following are photos of Dr. Imberman’s cases using Alloderm for coverage of exposed roots in the treatment of gingival recession: