Alloderm Soft Tissue Grafts

Since its introduction in 1994, AlloDerm has had a history of successful use in a wide range of tissue replacement and reinforcement procedures. In fact, AlloDerm has been used in over 1,000,000 skin transplant and graft reconstructive procedures to date. One of the best known uses of AlloDerm has been to replace damaged or lost skin tissue in burn victims, especially in the case of facial and neck injuries.

Dr. Imberman has been using AlloDerm since its approval for use in periodontics in 1997. He is an internationally recognized pioneer in the application of AlloDerm in periodontal procedures. He has created and published a technique for using AlloDerm to repair damaged gum tissue (gingival augmentation) by using it as a foundation for new tissue regeneration. Utilizing his advanced graduate training in periodontics, biochemistry and research techniques, Dr. Imberman has created many innovative surgical procedures for root coverage. Dr. Imberman has been able to document that the skin components preserved in AlloDerm actually support the patients’ own tissue growth into the AlloDerm after surgical attachment to the damaged tissue site. Dr. Imberman has successfully completed over a thousand cases using this procedure.

As a result of using AlloDerm as donor tissue for gingival grafting, Dr. Imberman is able to completely avoid the use of a second surgical site during this procedure. The patient no longer has to experience any of the discomfort and limitations associated with surgically harvesting donor tissue from the palate. Individual results may vary and could depend on your specific situation and/or medical condition. Consult with Dr. Imberman to determine if AlloDerm is right for you.